Monday, September 10, 2007

The greatness of open sky

I can define my experience of the night sky as a big, big astonishment. It just pulls me to the ground.

I remember a night in the summer of 1999 (January). There I was in the South of Chile, lying on the ground, watching the night sky. All the stars were there. I didn't know anything about the constellations by then. Music just filled my mind and all I could focus was music.

But it was then when I first had that sensation of excitement about the night sky. I felt dizzy, I felt myself tied to a fragile planet in the middle of a HUGE universe. I felt in any minute I could be ripped off the planet to start wandering around the universe.

I was a little afraid, but the sensation was SIMPLY AWESOME. I need desperately to do that again. I keep on throwing curses on the light-polluted night sky of Santiago... How I long to spend another starry night in the countryside!

If anybody knows about going to the countryside some weekend near...

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