Thursday, August 30, 2007

New blog title

My blog has changed its title. Now the title describes better, I think, the purpose and scope of this blog.

By the way, what are the purpose and scope of this blog?

It is to state, from me to the World, some of my opinions on things in the world, things I have seen and have some knowledge on. Most of the time, that stuff is meant to be useful. Sometimes not.

Web publishing means making a public declaration. Everything I say here is meant to be a public declaration on who I am.

I might also use it to advertise on some of the facts happening in my life. For example, when I make my public defense of my thesis, it will be correspondingly announced so everyone who wants to go, can go.

The underlining title, "Thou shalt not leave everyone happy" is a reminder of the fact that to leave everyone happy is absolutely impossible. Now I think it might not be prohibited by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but it is very, very improbable. Not everyone will be happy about me having a blog like this. I don't mind.

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