Tuesday, October 2, 2007

People around the world reading this space

I am astounded with how many people is reading this blog. Before the installation of the Live Traffic Map at the left of this blog, I had no idea of the people reading this space.

I am also astounded about the fact that most of the readers arrived here by Google search on my post about the US keyboard layout. I can deduce this post has been helpful, given the fact that so many people from all around the globe has read it.

Soon I will publish an update on the subject, with another issue I managed to fix on my laptop keyboard.

I'd also appreciate if someone left me a comment on how helpful my writings have been, especially when the reader is located outside Chile, and/or doesn't know me in person.


Now I have seen how useful my scattered thoughts have been. I am planning to use this space not to publish my feelings, but to publish interesting essays, like I have done the last month in my blog in Spanish.

Having nothing else to say for now, I wish the best for you reading this.

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